21 Small Business Ideas for Military Veterans to Conquer Entrepreneurship 2022

Are you a military veteran looking to start your own business? This video will provide you with insight on the 21 small business ideas for military veterans. Learn from successful veterans and discover the best business ideas for you.

00:00 Introduction
02:32 21 Small Business Ideas for Military Veterans
02:38 1. Pursue a Private Security Career.
03:11 2. Transform Lives — Become a Personal Trainer.
03:55 3. Be a Government Contractor.
04:43 4. Transform your business with logistics.
05:35 5. Launch your own construction or contracting business.
06:11 6. Launch a retail store.
06:53 7. Start your restaurant or bar.
07:32 8. Become a Leadership Guru.
08:26 9. Start an Automotive Sales or Repair Business.
09:03 10. Launch a Veterans-Supporting Business.
09:58 11. Unlock Your Business Potential With Tech Skills.
10:41 12. Launch a Gym.
11:29 13. Start a Firearms Training Business.
12:21 14. Start a workplace training service.
13:23 15. Venture into an Adventure-filled Business.
14:15 16. Train outdoor skills.
14:56 17. Be a franchise boss.
15:41 18. Start a business from home.
16:34 19. Provide Essential Training to face disasters.
17:23 20. Start a Garage.
18:06 21. Invest in other veteran startups.
18:56 Bottom Line.

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