Adding Reputation Management Software to your Agency for Additional MMR – Review Robin

Are you looking for a simple but high value and high demand service to add into your agency offering?

How about one that takes virtually no additional training to offer, isn’t resource or time intensive, and is recurring month over month?

Yeah? You’re in luck – join myself and Julia McLaughlin from Review Robin:

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Who’s going to teach us about how you can add review management to your client services offering:

In this live session, we’ll cover:

● The 3 Secrets to “Productizing” Review Management (So that even your intern can do it for you, on their first day in the office)

● “MPC” Method to keep time per client to less than 10 minutes a month, and keep margins sky-high

● The 4 ways to sell Review Management as a Recurring Revenue Stream (Once you learn this, you will begin seeing prospects everywhere)

● The two unspoken objections your client has but will never say out loud (Address these and “unstick” your client’s desire to accept this service from you)

● How to offer this to prior, current and future clients (And which clients to avoid like the plague – you’ll be surprised!)

● Two hidden attributes that all “perfect clients” have (and how to immediately identify them in your current and past client roster)

Date: Thursday June 16
Time: 2 PM ET/11 AM PT