Advanced Hospitality Technologies Inc.’s Generation XV Managed Business Center

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Business travelers have been a popular demographic in the US hospitality business in the last five years. Corporate travel has also transformed with
an increasing number of business travelers demanding leisure with their stays in hotels.

Hosting business travelers in hotels requires them to carry a unique offering when it comes to technology. Business travelers require specific amenities like USB outlets, power outlets, smart TVs, voice assistants, conference rooms, video calling, and managed business centers.

AHT Inc. has been part of hospitality technology management for over twenty years. Our innovative solutions and management services have allowed hotels to grow while radically cutting down costs.

Our breakthrough Generation XV managed business center is a highly secure and simplified solution for traveling business persons. Available in four languages and an easy to navigate user interface, Generation XV delivers essential business services in one solution.

AHT’s Generation XV provides secured printing, scanning, document editing, browsing, email, video conferencing, and local information portal for guests allowing them to enjoy their stay while utilizing the everyday basics of the workplace.

As an established hotel technology company, we have accumulated vast experience and knowledge to help hotels serve business travelers with their unique demands. Our collaboration with Marriott, Hilton, Sheraton, IHG, and Choice Hotels have allowed us to learn up close what business travelers demand and enjoy when traveling.

Today, we pride ourselves on being a leading hospitality technology management company for mid-scale and upper mid-scale hotels in the US. Over the years we have also partnered with some of the most prestigious hotel management companies to deliver remarkable technology integrations for world-class hotel groups.

AHT Inc. specializes in hotel new build management, remote & on-site support, project management for renovations, PCI compliance & risk assessments, and managed hotel technology services. Our exclusive hotel technology services also include guest technology experience management to ensure the highest grade of privacy & a memorable tech experience for travelers.