ASVAB Test – Time Management – Tips from an Actual Veteran

Military Asvab Time Management – Tips to Pass

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Searching for an ASVAB practice test is challenging, and you should’t rely on memorizing ASVAB test solutions, it won’t work. Time management is key when taking the test, and it should be practiced before you walk in the test room. I provide tips on strategy and focus that applies to test taking across the board.

I did 7 1/2 years in the army and it is very important to make certain you do a job that you want to do. If you don’t study, you probably won’t get the needed score to be able to get the job you want.

I must note that I completed the Army Asvab Test in 1999. Some things may have changed, but general testing has not. So see the below for help, especially for ASVAB arithmetic reasoning help, which has been the toughest topic for most.

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The asvab score method looks at the following topics.
General Science
Arithmetic Reasoning
Word Knowledge
Paragraph Comprehension
Mathematics Knowledge
Electronics Information
Automotive and Shop Information
Mechanical Comprehension
Assembling Objects
Verbal Expression

FYI, this is just through my experience. Your experiences may be different. Ultimately, if you fail, its on you. I no way guarantee that you will pass any test of anything through recommendations herein

It’s a common core test
Things you learned from school
Every military branch requires different scores
Do poor = lower skilled position
Do well = cool stuff

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