Bridgewater using Microsoft Defender Experts, heralding a new age in managed security services

Bridgewater Associates rose to the top of the financial space through a blend of innovation and proactive security strategy. It takes a global view, focusing on the long term to stay ahead of trends and deliver the best possible results for its hedge fund customers. That’s why the company has embraced a community-minded strategy that helps it focus its considerable energies on financial markets while entrusting Microsoft to augment its cybersecurity team.

Microsoft Defender Experts for Hunting (Hunting Experts) is a managed service that merges Bridgewater’s decades of experience in keeping the intellectual property and investment data safe with Microsoft Security expertise. The result: a managed security service that extends security teams so that they can focus on the most complex and immediate security issues, while the company’s line-of-business teams can do what they do best, knowing that their most precious digital assets are protected.

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