BRIGHTSTAR Franchisee’s Business Is THREATENED by Franchisor’s UNFAIR Option To Buy Back Business

Today’s interview features Mark Woodsum, who is a BrightStar franchisee. His franchise, alone, has 300 employees throughout Orange County. In addition, Mark is also the president of the BrightStar Owner Association.

During this fascinating conversation, we will explore his beginnings, what motivated him to become a franchisee, what the relationship between a franchisor and franchisee is like, and how a business is run.

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00:00 Introduction
00:55 About Mark Woodsum
01:13 Q&A – When did you acquire your first franchise?
01:51 Q&A – What distinguishes Brightstar from other franchises?
02:22 Q&A – What were you doing before you acquired your first Brightstar franchise?
03:14 Q&A – Why did you decide to invest in this franchise and industry?
04:20 About Brightstar organization
05:19 Q&A – Compared to other industries, is it a profitable industry?
06:43 Q&A – How was the process of acquiring an existing business in the first years?
07:38 Advantages About Franchising
08:06 Q&A – What is the level of involvement of the franchise owners?
08:50 Q&A – What is the investment value of starting a BrightStar franchise from scratch?
09:54 Q&A – How did you find out about the opportunity?
11:04 Q&A – How were the first years of work?
11:47 Q&A – How did you become president of the franchisee association?
13:13 Q&A – What is the difference between franchisee association and franchise advisory council?
17:19 Q&A – When did you join the franchisee association?
18:24 Q&A – Is there a growing force between the owners with some recent updates going on at BrightStar?
18:56 Q&A – What is a franchise call option?
19:44 Q&A – Does the BrightStar franchise have a pre-set price?
23:21 Q&A – How does the franchise agreement work?
25:04 Q&A – Can you become independent in the industry if you choose not to renew?
28:02 Q&A – Currently, what is the stage between the BrightStar Franchise Owner Association and the BrightStar Brand?
30:08 Q&A – Would it be possible to have another type of franchise call option?
31:00 Q&A – Was a specific period of time determined for negotiation?
32:26 Downside of a franchise brand that gets aggressive with the franchise agreement.
33:51 Q&A –Do you have any advice to give on how to work with the franchise owner association?
35:57 About the importance of Internal Communication
39:09 Q&A – How was the announcement of the franchise call option communicated?
40:07 About the importance of having empathy and knowing how to communicate to work better.
42:52 Q&A -Do you have any advice for franchisees that are in a profitable system, but they have issues with the Franchise Brand?
48:18 Concluding Thoughts

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