Business Transformation Webinar Series – Session 2: Changing Business Models

We are aware of the transformation you are seeing in your business; from how your customers want to use your software, and how they want to pay for it, to how you want them to pay and how you want to license. The way software is valued, sold, and supported is changing. Many software publishers must rethink their strategy, value proposition and ultimately deliverables to the market in order to remain competitive. This usually leads to a transformation in how your software and services are priced. This webinar will provide an in depth walk through the common issues faced by vendors through the implementation of new business models and highlight Gemalto’s Sentinel software and services in order to help you transform your pricing and monetization strategy.
entinel is the leading global brand for software licensing, delivery and protection. Our software solutions help customers to generate new revenue streams, improve operational efficiency, to increase customer satisfaction and gain valuable business insights. Based on award-winning technology, Sentinel has a strong global customer base with over 10,000 customers, in 30 industries located in over 100 countries.

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