Discover the 5 steps to starting your cleaning company franchise and start your empire today!

If you have been seriously thinking about franchising your cleaning business you don’t want to miss out on this episode.

In today’s video Mike coaches Matteo Spadafora, owner of Maids Los Angeles and Maids Santa Monica on the 3 steps to setting up a cleaning business franchise.

Matteo’s story in the cleaning business started when he came to the US from Italy 3 years ago.

He applied for an investor visa and two years ago ended up buying the cleaning company that was cleaning their own apartment.

For 2 years, Matteo worked part time with another company while running his own company but then decided to get serious and go full time a year ago.

Since that shift, Matteo’s cleaning company grew 200% in 2016 and is projected to grow another 200% in 2017!

Curious how Matteo did it?… now to learn how he doubled his business in 12 months.

With his cleaning company growing and doing so well, Matteo would like to know how to set up his cleaning business franchise and give other entrepreneurs the opportunity to share in his success.

There are 5 steps to starting a cleaning business franchise but before you start down that path, you need to know what type of cleaning business franchise you want to be.

There are two main ways to franchise a cleaning business.

The dominant way is where you go get the clients and then instead of hiring W2 employee you would “hire” your franchisees and give them 80% of the money you collect.

Tou would be responsible for the marketing, build the client base, bill the clients and handle everything except servicing the contracts and managing cleaning equipment etc.

We recently had guest expert Stephen Coade, founder of AMC Commercial Cleaning on the show who’s franchise does exactly that.

You can check it out here

The second way is to get an upfront investment to get started and then receive 6-10% of everything they make after that. With that initial investment you would provide your franchisee with training, your logos, website, and systems and processes to running the business, hiring and firing, uniforms, marketing etc..

Check out this episode with guest expert David Luke, founder of the Two Maids and a Mop who’s franchise model is more like this.

First things first, you will need to decide which of these models you want to do.

Second, if you do both commercial and residential. Watch now to understand why Mike recommends only choosing to do one with your franchise.

Third, creating a cleaning business franchise is a huge undertaking. It is going to require a lot of focus and money..You should make it your only goal for the next 2-3 years.

It’s important to understand, owning a franchise is very different than owning a cleaning company.

Watch now to learn the fundamental differences between running your cleaning business now and running a cleaning business franchise.

Plan to spend the next 2-3 years documenting and perfecting your systems and processes so that they are bulletproof.

Once you have those systems down, test it by opening up 2-4 locations that are company owned and getting results.

You want to know that your systems are dependable and repeatable.

Once you’re at about 70% of the way there and know your system will work for a franchisee as long as they follow the system, work with a consultant who knows the legal system well. They will ensure all of the legalities and contracts are done correctly to protect both you and your franchisees.

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