FRANCHISING as a Business Model

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This is another video in my series called “Startup Success”. I will be exploring entrepreneurship, startup ideas, how to start a startup, and strategies and tactics that lead to success. Please see the other videos in my “Entrepreneurship” and “Startup Success” playlists for more tips.

In this video I discuss the question “FRANCHISING as a Business Model”, and cover what is franchising, my disclaimer, franchising, business advice, definition, trends, option for small business and SMEs, management consultant, regulations, how franchising works, franchising in Canada, franchising overview, franchise agreement, franchising pros and cons, financial control, risk and return, externalize risk, market behaviour, enforcement, quality control, incentives, brands, franchising advantages and disadvantages, business 101, management 101, franchising explained, franchising basics, franchising a business, former CEO, startup success, all about franchising, franchisor, franchisee, franchisor meaning, franchisee meaning, franchise meaning, education, and answering your questions.


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