How to Compare Website Accessibility Companies and Services Offered (PS Review Sites Are Worthless)

Kris Rivenburgh explains why differentiating between website accessiblity companies / providers is confusing: they’re not offering the same products and services. Moreover, their blend of offerings may be different.

Products offered include:

– training
– automated scans
– platform organization

Services offered include:

– manual audits
– manual remediation
– user testing
– expert support

The overall best scan is available at

Automated “solutions” are also offered by way of accessibility overlay widgets but these are illegtimate and don’t make your website accessible or ADA compliant.

Legitimate companies who target enterprise clients include:

– Level Access
– The Paciello Group
– Deque

Overlay vendors include:

– AccessiBe
– UserWay
– EqualWeb

Premium automated scan agencies include:

– SilkTide
– CrownPeak
– SiteImprove
– Monsido

It’s worth noting that several “review” websites have emerged, but they promote overlay widgets and so they can immediately be dismissed.

Watch my video where I list out objective criteria used to evaluate providers for website accessibility audits:

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