How To Increase Your Business Value – Top 10 Drivers of Value

How do I prepare my business for sale? How can I increase the value of my business to maximize my selling price? How can I reduce my transition risk and ensure my business sells? Where should I focus my efforts to ensure that I am adding real value to my business? What do buyers care about the most when valuing private businesses?

In todays’ video we will cover the top 10 areas where business owners can focus their efforts and resources on to increase the value of their business pre-sale ensuring that they make their company more attractive to prospective buyers while reducing their overall transition risk. These areas are:

1) Cosmetic Improvements
2) Financial Statement Upgrades
3) Back-Office Process Improvements
4) Managing Your Bad Debts and Bad Customers
5) Legal Disputes and Resolutions
6) Employee Planning
7) Employee Agreements and Protections
8) Customer and Supplier Relationships
9) Real Estate Considerations
10) Outstanding Cash and Debt Obligations

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