Integrating Strategic, Financial and Operational Planning and Performance Management

This video is a recording of a webinar that was held on March 26, 2019. The following is the description of the webinar:

Functional silos remain the primary barrier to strategy execution. Research consistently confirms this fact. But they persist, despite efforts to eliminate them. In fact, 80% of cross functional coordination mechanisms – aimed at addresses these silos – are ineffective, according to Harvard Business Review.

For Operational Excellence leaders, this can be a sobering statistic and a frustrating situation. Especially in global organizations, where silos erode even greater value because they add to the cost of complexity, an amount that can approach 5% of sales.

The problem is that organizations can’t plan, manage and govern business outcomes, across functions and entities. Critical capability gaps prevent them from integrating strategic, financial and operational processes, the method for connecting business outcomes, resource requirements, assumptions and risks. Addressing these gaps is one of the key challenges facing organizations and the central focus of this webinar.

The webinar will show how these challenges can be addressed with productivity management – a capability that enables organizations to manage business outcomes. Key takeaways will be an understanding of the following:

— Key capabilities that comprise it and the process changes they enable
— Why it can be worth 5% of sales to global organizations and where the value lies
— How organizations can begin the process of realizing this value

In explaining the above, the webinar describes important innovations for integrating strategic, financial and operational planning and performance management processes. And how such integration resolves management issues that are important to strategic, financial and operational executives. These executives should attend this webinar, along with those responsible for operational excellence, finance and enterprise transformation, cost and profitability management, supply chain management and integrated business planning.