Laundromat Franchises: Worthless or Worth it?

Laundromat franchises are gaining popularity fast in America but there isn’t much information about them out there yet. That’s about to change. Alex Smereczniak of Laundrolab joins us on the podcast this week to talk about the ins and outs of laundromat franchises.

Many wonder what value a franchisor brings to the laundromat business and Jordan asks him that outright. They talk through the good, the bad, and the ugly of the laundromat franchise model. They discuss who is a good fit for a franchise and who might not be a good fit. They even discuss how much a franchise location costs and what their model is.

But this episode isn’t only for those who are interested in learning about franchises. Alex has experience running successful laundromats himself and has insights into successful franchisee businesses. And he shares those success tips with us on the show today, as well!

In addition, Alex is joining Jordan for a free live webinar/Q&A on all things franchising on Thursday, May 24, 2022. If it has already passed, you can view the replay of that webinar and all of the other webinars we’ve done by joining the Pro Community.

In today’s show, Alex and Jordan discuss:

• How Alex grew a laundry service business 10x while in college
• How he would change the Washio/Rinse business models to make them more successful
• How he built a laundry pick-up and delivery service, 2ULaundry, to do 3,000lbs/day
• How he raised $400,000 to open a location in Raleigh
• What the value in a franchise is
• How you can grow your laundry pick-up and delivery business to 3,000lbs/day
• Finding one-to-many relationships
• The process of buying a franchise from start to finish
• What a franchise helps franchisees with
• What you get with a Laundrolab franchise
• Resource from outside the industry that can help you grow your business

And a lot more!

Show Notes

95. Laundromat Franchises: Worthless or Worth it? With Alex Smereczniak

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