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Pink Gym Franchise Business Opportunities in India

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You’re definitely in the correct place if you’re looking for diet and fitness videos. In this channel, we will get diet plans from expert counselors on how to go from size XL to M. At Pink Fitness set targets focused on fat loss as well as flexibility, strength, and stamina. We will guide and motivate you through customized nutrition and exercise plans. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel

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Customized and scientific fitness plans. Nutritionists and personal trainers who can truly guide and motivate you. Visit the internationally styled Pink Fitness Centre to begin a rewarding journey towards healthy living. Getting into shape is possibly the most significant commitment you are making to improve the quality of your life. You own it to yourself. While it may be hard to believe now, a month or so into Pink Programme, you will find you have completely adjusted to a better way of living. Crash diets and too-good-to-be-true weight loss plans are best avoided. Beware schemes that encourage you to pay per kilo lost, because they never pay you back for every kilo you gain. There are no shortcuts. Eat right. Sleep right. Stop thinking about exercise, and start exercising. Our expert counselors at Pink Fitness set targets focused on fat loss as well as flexibility, strength, and stamina. We will guide and motivate you through customized nutrition and exercise plans. The Pink 30 Minute Express Workout is a revolutionary concept aimed at the sole purpose of making members burn more calories in their Target Heart Rate Zone. The main idea is to create a workout program in which all the major muscle groups would be worked on, as well as the improvement and training of one’s endurance and coordination skills.
This workout facilitates better results. The member starts off with strength training in the circuit area. This will automatically raise the Heart Rate and would facilitate the member getting into her target heart rate zone. At this time, a transition to cardio would lead to more calories burned than the conventional system.
If done the proper way, the Pink 30 Minute Express Workout can yield 500 calories in 30 minutes.


The ‘ Circuit Series ‘ has been designed with a minimal number of settings to allow for an easy, quick set-up on each piece. The machines consider the safety factors of body support, correct bio-mechanics, full range of motion, and ease of use. From the moment you sit in each piece you will feel supported as the machine guides you through each movement. This circuit system creates an effective total body workout.

People often ask, what is the optimal amount of workout for a week. There is no precise answer to this question, however, there are some good rules to go by The optimal amount consists of 3 times X 30 minutes workouts per week. In short, it is best to work out every other day

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