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If you have seen the wage underpayment scandals reported in the media and thought “thank goodness that’s not my business”, think again. It is all too easy for businesses, including both franchisors and franchisees, to inadvertently underpay employees.

To ensure this does not happen to your franchise, LegalVision is partnering with human resources outsourcing firm, Now Actually, to hosted a free webinar on Preventing Wage Underpayment In Your Franchise. On 16 February 2022, Jenna Paulin (Now Actually Managing Director) and Emma Jervis (LegalVision Practice Leader) discussed:

+ how to identify if your franchise is paying correctly;
+ who is responsible for wage underpayment: the Franchisor or Franchisee; and
+ what to put in place to protect you and your franchise from wage underpayment.

0:00 – Intro.
1:54 – Summary of today’s discussion.
2:49 – What laws apply to wage compliance?
4:11 – Identifying the right award for your business.
7:56 – What are the vulnerable workers’ provisions?
10:51 – Impact of vulnerable workers’ provisions on franchises?
15:04 – What is the risk of non-compliance?
27:40 – What are some practical tips to promote compliance?
36:08 – Download the ‘How to Prevent Wage Underpayment’ guide.
36:34 – LiveQ&A.
36:56 – Do you recommend carrying out an annual wage audit for all employees across the franchise network?
38:22 – Does the audit then provide fair work with the power to investigate all the aspects of the franchise relating to Fair Work’s employment standards?
39:16 – How does the franchisor control or gain visibility when a franchisee controls pay rates for their employees?
41:42 – If you are not terminating the franchise agreement immediately after finding that there has been an Underpayment, how do you check that the issue has been rectified? For example, do you simply ask for a financial statement and how often should you review this to ensure that it’s no longer an issue?
43:48 – About the LVConnect pro membership.
44:32 – Webinar wrap up.

About Jenna Paulin
Jenna is Managing Director of Now Actually, an Outsourced Human Resources company supporting businesses in managing Australia’s ever-changing employment framework. Jenna has worked across a diverse group of industries including a range of SME and multi-national global businesses. She is a true HR Generalist who is practical and down-to-earth in her approach and is passionate about helping business owners solve their people problems.

About Emma Jervis
Emma is a Practice Leader who heads LegalVision’s Franchising Team. Emma’s experience in franchising law is extensive and varied, including acting on a number of large franchise disputes in the Federal Court, and representing numerous franchisors and franchisees in setting up, managing and expanding their businesses. Emma’s extensive franchising experience and direct, concise advice is a valuable resource to those operating in the franchising sphere.

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