Project Management Worksheet – Is Your Business Model Broken?

Is your business stuck? If so you might be missing a few critical actions that you cannot see simply because you are too close to the problem. When I was a financial manager my business got stuck until I created this simple business assessment tool. Once I began using this tool we rapidly increased our productivity, managed our time better, grew our business, and dramatically increased our revenue.

In this video, I walk you through the tool. You can do this assessment in a matter of minutes.

I also share with you another tool that helped radically transform my time management and productivity. I had a problem. I would create unrealistic long to-do list that never got done. Items would rollover from one list to the next sometimes for weeks or even months. This was a stressful and costly way to manage my time.

Until one day, I realized that many of the items on my to-do list were not actionable items. Many times they were projects that needed to be broken down into distinct action steps.

Once I learned how to effectively do this, I was able to create an effective to-do list that I rapidly checked items off of. I was more productive, less stressed, and enjoying my work much more. Who doesn’t love their work when it’s actually getting done?

In the video, I reveal keys to what makes an item on your list and actually doable action step. With these principles and the worksheet I share in the video, you can take any project and convert it into logical, doable steps. Once you do, you will stop procrastinating and start accomplishing more.

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