Renewable Revenue Business Review with Jantize’s Paul Dorsey

In this video, Paul Dorsey of Jantize Franchise talks about the Renewable Revenue business model. He provides an overview of the business and discusses the benefits of owning a franchise. This is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who are looking to start their own business with minimal risk.

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00:00 Introduction
02:03 Q&A – How did you get your start in the janitorial industry?
05:18 Q&A – How does it work for Jantize the division of the franchise roles?
08:29 Q&A – Who is your ideal decision-maker?
10:17 About the Master Franchisee
11:17 Q&A – How have you seen your niche evolve over the years?
14:36 Q&A – What verticals are you most excited about your Master Franchisees chasing after?
16:18 Q&A – Since when you first entered in, how was the franchise industry changed?
18:38 Franchise Disclosure Document Data Bases
19:56 About Jantize Financials
22:04 Q&A – How much does it cost to open a Jantize on the Master Franchisee level?
22:35 Q&A – What type of training do Franchisees get?
23:04 Q&A – When do Franchisees get to break even?
24:46 Q&A – Is it hard finding someone willing to sign up on the unit level?
30:11 Q&A – Where are you most excited about expanding?
31:40 Concluding Thoughts

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