Steve Bias – Filta Franchise Review

I owned a construction company. It was really exciting, and then Filter was like the next big thing as far as the construction booming ending and we needed to find something to do.

Something, meaning something that was recession proof as we entered the deepest recession ever and we saw Filter as that next opportunity. We’re looking at trying to achieve 20 percent market share. We’re in the market where we have 8,000 restaurants, 832 hospitals and 32 school systems, so 20 percent we feel like we would be happy. Every day we go to work with a smile.

What we enjoy most in the day to day running of our business is the challenges of educating the public as far as there is a company that handles your used grease and cleans your fryes, but also the education that you’re helping the environment and the impact on the environment as far as not wasting, extending the use of the oil, and that this is part of the planet. This is something that we need. We look forward to the idea of bio-diesel, the fact that we can take this product and have different uses after its life is over so its life really doesn’t end until it’s completely burned and it’s a carbon based smoke coming out of somebody’s tailpipe.

We get a lot of customers that we’ll first get to them, they think because the oil’s in there longer, the oil is seasoned and there’s no such thing, which is kind of scary in some places. Then once we start to the filtration process and we show them the healthy way of cooking temperature wise, clarity of oil, and what the oil turns into as far as the particles in the oil. Then they learn the basis of a healthy diet and healthy cooking for their customers.

I find it really exciting to guide new franchise owners, that they don’t make the mistakes that we learned in the beginning and that they see that the more that we get new owners in there and just getting the word out. It makes our jobs a lot easier because now we have 50 people telling the same story as to say that we can filter oil, we can extend the life of your oil. There’s a new product here that is taking the old archaic way of just throwing things away and reusing it and bringing new light to this realm that we’re in. It’s new and exciting and so we love to see new people get into it and we love to guide them, because that makes it, our job, tons easier. Especially in markets where everybody is regionalized or cross-marketing. Like if we get a Chili’s, the first thing they do is they got to call the Chili’s of Philadelphia or New York, and say, “Hey, have you heard of these guys?”, so that when you run into new franchisers we always push that.

Filta is a parent company. I love the fact that they have the new guys coming in call us, the guys that have been in for a while in their region and just been through all the trials and tribulations for a long time since we’ve been in for a while, to ask us the questions of what we think about the service, what’s the best ways to approach things, do we think that it’s something that’s viable? We’ll tell them, “Hey, I wouldn’t have been in this thing for over 5 years if it wasn’t.” But as a parent company, they’re probably the most nurturing as I’ve seen of a franchise because we’ve done … We did a lot of homework on franchise and their approach, it didn’t even seem like a franchise, it seemed more like a family and that’s what we liked about it.