What is Warehouse Management System? How WMS Works

A Warehouse management system is a software solution that controls all the activities in a warehouse efficiently thus improving productivity. A WMS provides visibility and controls critical operations like Inventory management, Location management receiving and Put-away, picking, sorting, packing, Loading, Invoicing and dispatch, Movement and storage of material in the warehouse. One advantage is it eliminates dependencies on warehouse persona in terms if Inventory status and operational decisions. The system takes care of important functions like location suggestions, allocation policies guided operations.

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Different types of warehouses are raw material warehouses, finished goods warehouses, temperature controlled warehouses cross-dock warehouses. Each warehouse has security controlled entry and exit gates, receiving and dispatch docks, storage locations like rack storage, floor storage, damaged locations & MHEs. Other areas include sorting, packaging areas, kitting and di-kitting areas. A WMS can help in manage operation across warehouses and also give critical data about state of operations in each warehouse.

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