Why a yoga franchise uses TeamUp’s gym management software

Max Henderson from Hotpod Yoga explains why TeamUp’s gym software is the perfect solution for their 60+ yoga studios.

Max tells us how TeamUp:
• Integrates seamlessly with their business
• Have an efficient and reliable support team
• Works well for a franchisor as well as independent studios

We are based in Hackney but have studios around the world. We started the business in 2013 with an aim of making yoga as accessible as possible and opening it up to a wider audience of people, the 99 percent of people who don’t do yoga. We’ve got twenty-six locations around the world, based in London and with franchises outside of London. We’ve got something like thirty thousand customers coming on a relatively regular basis, buying both memberships and individual passes.

We were introduced to TeamUp by a mutual contact of one of the founders and have worked with them really closely for the last three and a half years. Because we worked really closely with TeamUp it meant integrating into our business was actually very easy and they managed to shape the functionality of the system to suit us, to suit our models and to suit our customers. As far as we know, our customers tend to find it easy to use. It’s got good customer interface and works well also integrating into our booking.

And the TeamUp staff have always been there for us and our franchisees along the way, both to get it integrated into our business and to ensure that it continues to function effectively for us and our customers. TeamUp works incredibly well because it fits our model very well and the service they provide allows us to communicate with them quickly and easily and address any problems when they come along. They’re also open to new ideas and development, which we’ll work on with them to help improve their solution and therefore our solution. We’re a franchise business with lots of franchisees underneath us and the structure that TeamUp is set up enables us to work very, very well with our franchisees to transparently see their businesses and for it to tie into our business centrally very well.

The management software for a franchisor is really good because it gives us complete transparency very easily into all of our franchise businesses. It also enables us to link our system to their system so that, for instance, if we’re taking a share of their revenues, which we do on an ongoing basis, this is automated through our system because the systems we have with TeamUp are very tried and tested every time we launch a new franchise, now, the process gets easier and easier. So now it’s a very seamless process to get them embedded into our business.

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