Why owning a franchise is the perfect post-military-service career | Stacey Marmolejo

We understand from Stacey Marmolejo, Founder and CEO of Franchise Prep Academy “Why owning a franchise is the perfect post-military-service career”.

We also understand from her about Franchise versus Start-Up; which is better, some most common misconceptions about franchises, and some of the “trendy” or “hot” franchises right now. And much more!

About Stacey Marmolejo (in her own words)
Stacey Marmolejo is the founder/CEO of Franchise Prep Academy which helps soon-to-retire military personnel navigate the franchise industry so they can evaluate if a franchise is their next career.

After 30 years of climbing the corporate ladder, Stacey, the daughter of a career Air Force Non-Commissioned Officer, gave up a prestigious Senior Vice President position in a national media company to purchase a start-up franchise. 16 years later she successfully sold her franchise business for the asking price and now dedicates her time to teaching military personnel who want to consider a franchise for their second career how to evaluate a franchise opportunity.

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